CyL agrees to talk about debt relief, but for all the CCAA and not only "for those who have spent without having"

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The spokesperson of the Junta de Castilla y León, Milagros Marcos, has admitted the possibility that it should be and can talk about the indebtedness of the autonomous communities for the negotiation of the future financing model but has been blunt to warn that The possible removals have to be “for everyone” and not only for the territories that have needed help from the State when they can not access the markets.

“If it is opened and the withdrawal is proposed for the autonomous communities that needed the State’s support because they could not finance themselves, because they had debt problems beyond what others had, it does not seem reasonable to rely more on those who do not has fulfilled and who has spent more without having, than who has not done it “, has sentenced to remember that communities that did not choose the FLA as Castilla y León managed to solve problems to the State.

In this way the spokesperson has spoken to journalists’ questions at the press conference after the Governing Council on the proposal of the leader of the Catalan Socialists, Miquel Iceta, to forgive part of the debt to Catalonia or other communities.

“You have to be serious and stop improvising every day with a question,” Marcos warned for whom the necessary thing at this time is to talk about the whole autonomic financing model without different approaches by each of the communities. In this sense, he has demanded that a negotiation table be opened in which rigorous work is being carried out to seek balance in the financing and sustainability of services in each territory with its different characteristics, as Castilla y León has always claimed.

On the other hand, the spokeswoman of the Board has considered “reasonable” that local financing is negotiated in parallel with the model of regional financing although it has admitted that it is not yet known on what terms since the process has just begun. “We must give agility but also depth and normality to the issue,” Marcos has defended for whom the CPFF should be the one that advances in both directions.

Marcos has also considered “reasonable” that local entities can have their own funds, in reference to the investment of the surplus of the municipalities, but recalled immediately that it is not a matter of the Board. That said, he has advocated seeking a balance between the necessary payment of debt with the activation of the economy and spending.

As for the Basque quota, the spokesperson has once again claimed the same funding weighted per person for Castilla y León as for the Basque Country since all citizens have the same rights to insist on the doubts already raised by the president of the Board, Juan Vicente Herrera, regarding whether or not the differences have increased with respect to the initial imbalance in which it was started to also remember that a reduction of the Tax on Companies in the Basque Country has already been announced.

“It seems that equality is not going when Castilla y León does not have any capacity on this tax”, lamented the spokesperson who has predicted “clear competitive advantages” in Álava, for example, than in any other province of other bordering communities.

Marcos has also moved the “loyalty” of the Board that also understands the difficulties of the Government of the nation to move forward the budgets of 2018 for those who do not have the support of the main opposition party, in reference to the PSOE.

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Milagros Marcos has ensured that the Junta will “always” defend the interests of Castilla y León “with all the mechanisms” at its disposal without intending to harm the inhabitants of the Basque Country but to defend the Castilian-Leonians.

Finally, the spokeswoman explained that the Junta de Castilla y León still does not know the calculations of the new Basque quota approved in the Congress of Deputies only with the vote against Citizens and Commitments and the abstention of EH-Bildu to request that it be You can meet at the table about the regional financing model within the CPFF.

“That’s where we should see the differences and know the details of the information,” concluded the spokeswoman who does not know if the deputies who voted in favor of the revision of the quota, including representatives of the PP, knew the details of that calculation. “We understand that if they voted in favor they would not be voting against the interests of Castilla y León and they would have their motive in each case,” said the spokesperson, who has refused to speak for any third party.