This important publication last year Vitamin, Mineral

a company specializing in market research, we Spaniards spent about 259 million euros last year on vitamin and dietary supplements that, in fact, no one has yet proven convincingly that they are good-for-nothing. Understand this statement referring to our environment, in a framework of food superabundance and with a general access to food that other less favored countries would like.

Plate of supplements The most curious thing about this data is that according to this company that analyzes consumption in different regions of the world, Spain is one of the countries that has the most margin to “grow” in this sense (it is understood by “growing” to spend even more money) if It compares with the expenditure that is destined in other countries of its same scope to this concept of supplementation. To give you an idea the Americans in the same period of time spent 25 billion dollars. If we put everything in the same units, this means that in Spain we had a per capita expenditure of about € 5.6 / year in these trifles while in the US per capita spending was about € 70 / year. An important difference is that the case of the Americans is too …

But hey, the case that worries me the most is the one that touches me closest, the one in Spain, but also and seeing the differences with other countries, the one that is on top of us. Without going any further, in the opinion of Euromonitor, it is expected that Spaniards spend up to 10 million euros more on these decorative nutrients by 2019.

He said a little above that in reference to multivitamin and multimineral products there is little evidence that they serve any good, but some that can do more harm than good when its use is chronic. I have evidence.

This important publication last year Vitamin, Mineral

Multivitamin Supplements for the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer (Vitamin, multivitamin and mineral supplements for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer) concludes that:

But there is more; this other publication just two years ago (in summary form) Daily multivitamins to reduce mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer (Daily supplementation to reduce mortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer) can not be made clearer:

The current evidence does not support the routine use of multivitamin supplements to reduce mortality, cardiovascular diseases or cancer in the case of people from developed countries.

But in the analysis that is made separately in this last study of some particular aspects, it was also found that although not very strongly the use of certain vitamins increased the risk of total mortality , specifically the use of vitamin E, beta-carotene and high doses of vitamin A … without having found any effect on total mortality in the use of vitamin C and selenium.

Do like this kid: say NO to multivitamins

Do like this kid: say NO to multivitamins

It is clear that everyone needs vitamins , as well as essential minerals and likewise … what-I-know that we need the air to breathe. But in the same way that nobody needs air supplements (under normal conditions, I mean), neither in normal conditions and in our environment need to be supplemented with vitamins or minerals if he did things right . It is also true that the analyzes that have been made of our way of eating years ago have detected some possible shortcomings in specific groups … In these cases, the problem is usually an incorrect feeding pattern and, therefore, the cheapest, most effective solution and I think it’s a pleasure to adapt that food guide to those specific needs. For example, if the problem was loosening a rebellious nut and you have the possibility of using a wrench (or fixed) … do not be big hands and leave aside the pliers for such tasks, use the key, joer! … no matter how cool those new pliers you’ve bought are.

This ends gentlemen and I do not want to dismiss without repeating one of my mantras: no supplement has equal improved improper nutrition, at least with the guarantees offered by eating in a balanced way . The slogan then: more food (not to mention the vitamins they have) and fewer vitamins.